Worship Maa Kaalratri on the 7th day of Navaratri

7th day of Navratri: Dedicated to Goddess Kalratri

The 7th day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Kaalratri, the7th Avtar of Maa Durga. Here, Kaal means time and death and Kaalratri means the One who is the Death of Kaal. Maa Kaalratri destroys ignorance and brings light into the dark.

Nature of Mother Kaalratri

The seventh form of the mother is very stricken but mother has kept this form for the benefit of her devotees. Today’s form is known as Kaalratri. It is said to destroy the wicked sometimes it has to take terrible form, so mother has adopted this form.
On the seventh day of Navratri, there is the law of worship of Kaalratri. On this day the mind of the seeker lies in the ‘Sahasrara’ cycle. For this, the doors of all the constants of the universe begin to open. Mother Kaalratri is always going to give auspicious results.

That is why he has a name ‘Shubhankari’ too. Therefore, they do not need to be fearful or terrorized in any way by the devotees. Mother Kaalratri is going to destroy the wicked.
Demons, monsters, monsters, ghosts, ghosts, etc., escape from their memory only. They are also about to remove planetary obstacles. Their worshipers are never afraid of fire, fear, animal phobia, enemy fear, night-fear etc. By his grace he becomes absolutely fear-free.

Goddess Kaalratri is worshipped by chanting the following Mantra’s:

वाम पादोल्ल सल्लोहलता कण्टक भूषणा |
वर्धन मूर्ध ध्वजा कृष्णा कालरात्रि भर्यङ्करी ||

Vāma pādōlla sallōhalatā kaṇṭaka bhūṣaṇā |
vardhana mūrdha dhvajā kr̥ṣṇā kālarātri bharyaṅkarī ||


However the appearance of Maa Kalratri is so dreadful but her grace is generous toward her devotees. She eliminates any kind of terror in the life of her devotee and assures them with the freedom from fear and sufferings. Hence, she is also known as ‘Shubhamkari’ – one who does well. Worshipping Maa Kalaratri gives abundant fruitful result to her devotees. With her grace, devotees get power, position and renowned status. She protects her devotees against evil influence of demons and wrong people. Worshiping her devotees get complete protection and long life. Maa Kalratri is worshipped to destroy suffering of evil influence from the life.

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