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If there is the insistence of winning inside someone, there is the passion to fulfill your dream. And that stubbornness has crossed the limits of passion and does not show anything other than winning it, then any force in the world can not stop it from winning that person.

Whoever once tried to fulfill his dreams, insisted on getting his destination then no problem Any trouble, lack of money or any physical impairment can not stop the person’s way. It can not prevent him from making the impossible possible. Every one thing knocks before the strong intentions of such a person.

This story is a little boy from Japan, Ten-year-old Okayo, living in a small town in Japan, was very fond of learning Judo. But because of the left hand cut in an accident in childhood, his parents did not order him to learn judo. But now he was growing up and his life was growing.

Eventually the parents had to bow down and they took Okayo to a famous martial arts master of the nearby city.When the master saw Okayo, he was surprised that why this boy without the left hand wants to learn good judo? They asked, “If you do not have the left hand then how will you and your boys fight?”

“It’s your job to tell this,” Okayo said. I just know that I have to beat everyone and one day myself is to become “Sensei” (Master)

The master was very impressed with his willful ability to learn and said, “Well, I will teach you but there is a condition, you will follow every one of my instructions and believe in it.” Okayo bowed his head in front of the master in agreement.

The master began to learn judo together for about fifty students. Okayo was also learning like other boys. But after a few days, he noticed that master is learning different boys – screws from other boys but he is still practicing the same kick that he had learned at the beginning. He did not stay with him and asked the master, “Master, you are learning new things to other boys, but I am still practicing just one kick. Should not I learn more things? “

master said, “You just need to master on this kick,” and he went ahead.

Okayo was amazed but he had complete faith in his master and he again got engaged in practice.

The time passed and the two years passed, but Okayo was practicing the same kick. Once again, Okayo started worrying and said to the master, “Will I still do this and the rest will continue to be proficient in all new techniques”

master said, “You are sure of me, so continue practicing”

Okayo continued practicing the same kick for the next 6 years, following the master’s orders, without asking any questions.

It was eight years for everyone to learn Judo that one day master called all the disciples and said, “I have given the knowledge you gave me and according to the tradition of Gurukul now the choice of the best disciple is through a competition medium And who will be honored with the title of “Sensei” who will be victorious in this. “

Competition started.

master gave voice to Okayo to take part in his first match.

Okayo started fighting and surprised himself, he won his first two matches with ease. The third match was a bit difficult, but after some confrontation, the opponent removed his attention for a few moments, Okayo thought it was an opportunity for this chance, he put it on his infallible kick and made the match his name. Still surprised by his success, Okayo made his place in the final.

This time the opposition was far more powerful, experienced and vast. Seeing it, it seemed that Okayo would not even stand in front of him for a minute.

The match started, the opponent was getting heavier on the Okayo, the referee stopped the match and offered the opponent to be declared the winner, but when master stopped him, he said, “No, the match will be complete”.

The match started again.

The opposition was full of high confidence and was now underestimating Okayo. And in this embrace, he made a huge mistake, he left his guard! Taking advantage of this, eight years of practice, he practiced the kick with the full strength and accuracy and rooted the opponent and dashed it on the ground. That kick had so much power that the opponent became dumbfounded and Okayo was declared the winner.

After winning the match, Okayo asked the master, “Sensei, how did I win this contest by learning just one move?”

“You win for two reasons,” replied the master. “First of all, you did so mastery on one of the most difficult kicks of judo that hardly anyone else in this world could kill this kicks with such efficiency, and secondly there is only one way to escape from this kick, and that is to grab the left hand of the opponent and throw it on the ground.”

Okayo had understood that his biggest weakness had become his biggest strength today.

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