Krishna Janmashtami – Celebration of the birth of Krishna

A story of Lord Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami belongs to the era of King Kansa. Long ago, Kansa was the King of Mathura. She was a cousin of sister Devaki, she loved her sister deeply and never let her go sadly.

He joined the heart and enjoyed his sister’s marriage. Once she was going to her sister’s in-laws home. Then he got a warning from the hidden voice in the sky that “Kans, the sister you are very loving will be the cause of your death one day, the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva will kill you.

As soon as he got a warning, he ordered his soldiers to keep their sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev in jail. He started behaving cruelly with all the people of Mathura. She announced that “I will kill all the children of my sister, to get her assassin out of the way”, her sister gave birth to her first child, then the second, third and seventh, which one by one Killed.

Later, Devaki got pregnant with her eighth child, that is, Krishna, who was (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Lord Krishna was born in Dwaparuga in the middle of the night in the month of Shravan, on the eighth day (eighth day). From that day, people started celebrating Krishna Janmashtami or Krishnashtami on that day.

When Lord Shri Krishna was born in Navo Earth, happened to be a miracle, the doors of the prison open itself, the defender slept and a hidden voice told Vasudev about the way to save Krishna. Vasudev took Krishna in a small basket and took him to his friend Nand in Gokul, from a huge river in midnight in Midnight.

He crossed a rainy night where Sheshnag helped him. He changed his son with the girl of his friend (Yashoda and Nand Baba) and returned to the prison jail. All the doors were closed and the message was sent to Kansa that Devaki gave birth to a girl.

Kansa came and tried to slay that girl, at the same time, the girl appeared invisible from the arms of Kansa and appeared in the sky as her real form of a power girl and she warned and said, ‘Hey Kansa! Your killer is so much It is moving to a safe place and whenever your time is over, then it will kill you.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the safe hand of Yashoda and Nand, child Krishna was gradually growing in Gokul. Later, he abolished all the brutality of Kansa and released his parents from the prison jail. Gokulvaasi were very happy with various Naughty Leelas of Krishna. People living in Gokul celebrate this festival as Gokulashtami.

Sri Krishna’s second name is “Machan Chor” – meaning

Sri Krishna is also known as Makhan Chor. Milk is the essence of nutrition and a sophisticated form of milk is curd. When curd is churned, butter becomes and floats upwards. It is not heavy but light and nutritious too. When our brain is brain churning, then it becomes like a butter. Then there is the rise of knowledge in the mind, and the person gets established in his own self. Even when living in the world, he remains detached, his mind is not disappointed with the things/behavior of the world. Makhanachori is a symbol of Shri Krishna’s depiction of love. The attraction and skill of Shri Krishna are so much that he steals the mind of the most restful person.



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