Gautam Buddha Story: Importance of patience in life

This story is very old. At that time, Mahatma Gautam Buddha was spreading the teachings of Buddhism all over India.

In connection with the propagation of religion, he was walking in a village with some of his followers. He was very thirsty for a long while traveling.

Seeing the thirsty rising, he asked a disciple to bring water from nearby village. When the disciple reached the village, he saw a small river flowing there, in which many people were cleaning their clothes and many were bathing their cows. For this reason the water of the river had become quite dirty.

The disciple noticed this situation of river water that it would not be proper for Guruji to take this dirty water. In this way he came back without water. But Guruji was going to dry the throat with thirst. So again they sent another disciple to bring water. This time the disciple brought water for him in the mouth.

Seeing this, Mahatma Buddha was a little surprised. He asked the disciple, the river of the river flowing in the village was dirty, then where did this water bring from?

The disciple said, ‘Yes Guruji, the water of that river was very dirty in the right place, but when all went away after finishing its work, I waited for some time staying there and sitting in the bottom of the river of soil found in the water. When the soil sat down, the water became clear. I have brought the same water. ‘

Mahatma Buddha was very pleased to hear this disciple’s answer and gave a lesson to other disciples that our life is like the water of the river. By doing good deeds in life, it always remains pure, but many times in our life such moments also occur when our life gets entangled with misery and problems, even in such a situation life seems like dirty.

Friends, therefore, we must not lose our courage by looking at the grief and evils in life, and patience should be done. These problems are similarly end in itself.

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