Amer Fort (Jaipur) – History and Facts

Amer Fort

Amer Fort is established in Amer. Amer is a town spread over 4 sq km (1.5 square meters) which is located 11 kilometers away from Jaipur, India’s Rajasthan state. Amer Fort is built on high mountains, this is the main tourist area of the Jaipur region. In fact, Aamer town was built by Meenao and later Raja Man Singh Pratham(1st) ruled there.

About Amer Fort

Ammer’s Fort is famous for its Hindu art. In the fort, there are scenic street lights, doors and small ponds. This is the main source of water in Amer Fort.

We can see Amer’s artistic atmosphere in its walls. Which is made of red stone and marble. The courtyard is also built in the fort. Dewan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas and Shish Mahal Oat Jai Temple and Sukh Niwas are also built in the fort, where there is always a cold and fresh natural wind.

Therefore, the Aamer Fort is sometimes called Aamer Mahal. In this palace, Rajput Maharaj and his family lived first. The entrance of the fort was built on Ganesh Gate, the temple of Goddess Silla Devi of Chaitanya Panth, which was given to King Mansingh when he had defeated the King of Jessore in Bengal in 1604 (currently Jasore comes to Bangladesh).

This castle with the fort of Jaigarh has been established on the top of the hill of the eagle. The castle and the fort of Jaigarh are considered to be a complex as both of them are connected by a secret path. At the time of the war, this route is used to evacuate the members of the royal family, who were taken from the Aamir fort by secret passage and taken to the fort of Jaigarh.

Recently, according to a survey done by the Department of Archeology, 5000 tourists visit the fort every day, and according to them there have been more than 1.4 million tourists till 2007. In 2013, along with Amer Fort in the 37th World Heritage Meeting held in Fonn Penh in Colombia, five more kilograms of Rajasthan were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Early History of the Amer Fort

If you look at Amer’s past, then it is known that for six centuries this city has been the capital of Suryavanshi Kachwah in the Dhundhadh area. Construction of Amer Fort built of sandstone was started in 1558 by Raja Bharmal. The process of construction continued later in the times of King Mansingh and King Jaysingh. After a gap of about a hundred years, this fort was completed after King Jai Singh Sawai’s time. In the same period, there was a sweet connection between the Kachwaha Rajput and the Mughals, when the daughter of King Bharmal was married to Akbar. Later, King Mansingh joined Akbar’s navratanas and became his commander. That was the Golden Age of Aamer Valley and this fort.

After moving through his capital Jaipur to the Kachwah, Aamer’s glory began to disappear. But this glorious fort stands still in the same glory. In the outer landscape this fort appears to be affected by the Mughal style. While inside it is completely Rajput in architectural style. The tourists enter through the high arched eastern gate of the Amer Fort. This door is called Surajpole. A large square is located in front of it. This is called Jaleb Chowk. Ammer Fort is built on various stairs on the slopes of the hill. Jaleb Chowk is located on the lowest couch. There are some rooms on the three sides of the giant square. Explains that at that time there were military houses and horses etc. Today there are shops of Handicrafts etc. There is another gate called Chandpol on its west side.

Interesting Facts About Amer Fort Jaipur

  • Founded in Amer, situated at a distance of 11 kilometers from Jaipur, the Aamer Fort was the capital of the Qashvah Rajputa, but after the formation of Jaipur, Jaipur became its capital.
  • Aamer valley is called the valley of flowers. As soon as entering the valley, the ramparts of the huge fort, its dome, turret and entrance are visible from far away. The mountain on which Ammer Durg is located is a beautiful lake in front of it. It is called Maawta Sarovar.
  • Aamer was named after Amba Mata, who was also called Goddess of Meenau.
  • The total goddess of the Kachwaha kings outside the main gate of the palace is Shila Mata’s temple.
  • This fort of mixed form of Hindu and Persian style keeps its own place in the country.
  • The palace made of white marble and red stone is common on the 20 pillars of Rajput building style as it enters the palace.
  • Many private rooms have also been built for the queens. In the private rooms of the queens, there are windows with lattice screens so that the women of the royal family can see the activities of the royal court secretly.
  • Another attraction of the palace is the gateway Ganesh Gate, decorated with ancient artefacts and shapes.
  • Amark Fort is just 11 kilometers from the pink city of Jaipur. Elephants can also be rides to go to the fort. Although this small trip is quite expensive.

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